Puerto Galera Dive Sites

Puerto Galera’s underwater paradise is widely recognised as one of the world’s best scuba diving locations, with more than 300 kinds of hard and soft corals, hundreds of species of of tropical fish life and warm, clear waters.

Scuba Divers flock to Puerto Galera every year to experience the dozens of amazing dive sites. There are dive sites suitable for all levels of divers, with many different experiences on offer such as drift dives, wreck dives, coral fields and more!

Diving Puerto Galera
dive sites puerto galera
Puerto Galera dive sites

Below you will find information on some of the most popular dive sites around Puerto Galera.

Sabang Wrecks and The Alma Jane

sabang wrecks puerto galeraOne of the highlights of the diving in Puerto Galera diving is the shipwrecks, and 2 of the most popular wreck diving sites are Sabang Wrecks, and The Alma Jane.

Sabang Wrecks consists of 3 separate wrecks; 2 wooden skeletons, and 1 steel hull yacht. Sabang Wrecks has a max depth of 21m and is an amazing experience for people diving in Puerto Galera for the first time. Expect to be greeted by schools of inquisitive batfish when you descend down to the first wreck at 11m! All three of the wrecks on this site are positively teeming with every variety of marine life imaginable, and also make for excellent night dives, when the nocturnal creatures come out to feed.

The Alma Jane is a 30m long, 10m high cargo freighter that was sunk to provide an artificial reef. A superb site for diving with nitrox, and also experiencing wreck penetration without being in a completely overhead environment. The Alma Jane is home to large groups of lionfish and any number of fascinating creatures such as frogfish and scorpionfish concealing themselves in the superstructure. Large groupers can also be found lurking around the bottom of the wreck,  at it’s maximum depth of 30m.

The Kilimar Drift

puerto galera diving sitesA fast-paced hardcore drift dive for experienced divers. Experience the exhiliration of feeling like you are flying underwater as the strong current carries you in a south-north direction to a maximum depth of 30m.

Monkey Beach, Dugong Wall and West Escarcio

monkey beach dive site puerto galeraThese three dive sites are part of one continuous coral garden. A great variety of marine species are found among the many different and very colorful corals. Divers will want to return to these areas again and again. Many opportunities for photographers Depths range from 5m -25m.

Deep West Escarceo

west escarcio puerto galeraThe Deep West Escarcio site is often made as a multilevel dive: 10 minutes at 35 meters, 10 minutes at 20 meters, 10 minutes at 12 meters, and a swimming stop (5 minutes at 3-5 meters). An enjoyable and challenging dive with opportunities for seeing turtles, and even whitetip reef sharks.

Shark Cave

puerto galera diving shark caveShark Cave actually consists of two overhangs at a depth of 27-30m. A regular hidey-hole for our resident white-tipped reef sharks as well as blue spotted stingrays.

The dive can be combined with “The Atoll”, a huge rock formation at a depth of 15-32 meters surrounded by a great variety of marine life.


puerto galera dive site canyonsCanyons is a large area consisting of 3 canyons that bottom out a maximum depth of approximately 32m. A popular dive site for Advanced Divers, often with strong currents. These currents attract large shoals of tuna, barracuda, jackfish etc.


fishbowl dive site puerto galera
For Advanced  divers only, this site dive requires a blue water descent to the top of the Fish Bowl in 35-40 meters (130 ft). This is a bowl-shaped depression with just about everything – in quantity. The main reason for this dive however, is to see bigger fish and shoals. Sharks, occasionally Hammerheads, large Tuna, Barracuda, Jacks and groupers are common. Looking out into blue water tuna and jacks are commonly seen playing in the current. After a few minutes in the bowl, you will be swimming up the contour of the reef to the Canyons.

Incredible Verde Island & Night Dives Too!

verde island puerto galera

Scandi Divers also offers day trips to Verde Island, widely considered the ‘must see’ dive site in Puerto Galera. The Verde Island site is very deep and suitable for technical divers, but can also be dived by recreational divers qualified to 30m.

Expect crystal clear waters, often with visibility of 30m+ and an abundance of marine life of every variety. A once in a lifetime experience, but often with strong up and down currents, so it is only recommended for more experienced divers. Our Verde Island day trip usually consists of 2-3 dives with a delicious barbecue lunch prepared for you on the beach!

To top it all off, we also offer the opportunity to experience night diving in Puerto Galera. A truly thrilling variation on your regular dives, and you will also be introduced to a myriad of creatures you would not normally see during the day!

Bring videos home!

Don’t miss the opportunity to make friends and relatives green with envy! We can contract a professional photographer to accompany you when you go diving and record your underwater adventures on video.

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Puerto Galera dive sites map

Puerto Galera Dive Sites Map