Puerto Galera Nightlife

white beach fire dancers

Nightlife in Sabang

Sabang is well known for having a vibrant nightlife. There are dozens of bars, restaurants and night clubs on offer. You will find all of the venues on the main strip of Sabang Beach, and you can walk from one end to the other in about 10 minutes if you don’t stop.

disco in SabangThere is quite a selection of bars, pubs and clubs, literally right on top of each other, and there is something for everyone. You’ll find the drinks very cheap compared to your home country. A long night of bar hopping until the early hours will probably cost you less than a meal back home (although the Bikini bars have higher prices).

There are dance clubs, bikini bars, pool halls, pubs and even floating bars! If you’ve never been on a floating bar before, it’s definitely worth doing. The are usually two to four floating bars in Sabang bay, and some of them even have water slides and diving platforms. The floating bars can get a little ‘festive’ at times, so probably not a good place for kids, but great fun for adults who are in the mood to party. The floating bars are open both day and night.

Between Big La Laguna and Sabang, most nights there will be live music at a few venues, so keep your ears open. Puerto Galera has some talented musicians, and the music is often very ‘island style’ with reggae and acoustic sets being popular.

Nightlife in White Beach

Although White Beach is quite a distance if you are staying in the La Laguna / Sabang area, it’s a must-see during the day, and you may as well stay for the night time festivities. If you don’t fancy a long tricycle ride from White Beach, Campbell’s can arrange for a private boat to take you to and from White Beach. A far more enjoyable way to make the trip.
fire dancers in whitebeachThere is a big LGBT community in White Beach, and you can expect to see some wild and flamboyant entertainment after the sun goes down. There are many cabaret shows which are very entertaining and quite cheeky too. White Beach is also famous for it’s very talented fire dancers. Well worth watching, and some of the shows even include audience participation. Have your photo taken with the fire dancers whirling flames around you!

If you enjoy cocktails, White Beach is famous for the Mindoro Sling. A tasty drink made from rum and fruit juices. Can be bought by the pitcher in White Beach. Be careful though, it’s tastes delicious but packs quite a punch!

The nightlife around Puerto Galera is very much adult-oriented, and for those with an open mind and a desire for new experiences, there is no shortage of fun things to do after dark.